Giant Eagle gift cards are eligible for Fuelperks when used to purchase gas.

Quick Facts

Denominations Available

$10 - $500

Where To Buy

In store and online





Where Usable

Giant Eagle stores

Balance Check



Yes, in store


No, see Return Policy

Bulk Orders



Yes, on bulk order

Can Register







Gift card orders are limited to a maximum of $1,000 per transaction

Terms and Conditions

Gift Card Terms

•Gift card orders are limited to a maximum of $1,000 per transaction.

•Cards may take up to 24 hours to activate.

•All sales are final.

•Not all gift cards are available at all stores.

•Not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

•Your purchase of Giant Eagle®, GetGo® or WetGo® cards are excluded from fuelperks!®. fuelperks!® are earned upon redemption only.

Bulk Gift Cards

Non-Profit Fundraising

Giant Eagle®, GetGo® and WetGo® gift cards are a great way to raise funds for your organization. We offer them to non-profits like yours at various discount levels, so you can resell them at face value. And, they're simple to sell; use Giant Eagle® or GetGo® gift cards just like cash to purchase food, groceries, fuel, and a variety of services* at Giant Eagle® or GetGo® convenience store locations. The WetGo® gift cards are redeemable at the WetGo® Car Wash.

They get exactly what they need, exactly when they need it. What could be better?

Gift Giving and Promotions

Gift cards also make the ideal gift for employees and customers. Use them to acknowledge merit, celebrate the holiday season, or enhance employee promotions. Plus, discounts are available when you purchase gift cards in bulk — allowing you to spread your budget even further!

Ordering is Easy

To purchase gift cards in bulk, you must first establish an account with us by completing the Customer Account Application form — just fill it out, print it, and mail it.

Customer Account Application Forms:

•Giant Eagle Bulk Gift Card Purchases Customer Account Application: NON PROFIT

•Giant Eagle Bulk Gift Card Purchases Customer Account Application: FOR PROFIT

Once you have an established account, simply place your order online, or call 1-800-433-1820. Gift cards will be shipped within 72 hours and may be used immediately upon receipt.

*Some restrictions apply; see store for details. WetGo® bulk gift cards are good for use at WetGo® car washes only.– Giant Eagle web site

More Information

  1. Gift Cards on the Giant Eagle web site
  2. Giant Eagle Return Policy

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