While these cards can be shipped to Canada, cards ordered from are only valid at US stores.

Quick Facts

Denominations Available

 $10 - $200

Where To Buy

 In Store or Online





Where Usable

 In store

Balance Check





 Small balance only (certain States), see Return Policy

Bulk Orders




Can Register



 Yes, message and envelope




 Cannot be used to purchase gift cards or debit cards

Terms and Conditions

Gift Card Terms and Conditions:

This card may be used at any U.S. Michaels store for merchandise and class fees only. May not be used to purchase gift cards or debit cards. Purchases will be deducted from this card until the balance reaches zero. Unused value on the card may be redeemed or refunded for cash only as required by applicable law. Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced. Michaels Stores, Inc. store associates may not change the terms of this card. For balance inquiry visit any U.S. Michaels store. Issued by Michaels Stores Card Services, LLC. This card does not have an expiration date. There are no maintenance fees. Any term or condition of this card is void where prohibited by law. PROTECT THIS CARD AND TREAT IT AS YOU WOULD CASH. ©2011 Michaels Stores, Inc.

  • California: Michaels gift cards valued under $10 are redeemable for cash in store.
  • Colorado: If remaining balance is $5.00 or less
  • Maine: If remaining balance is less than $5.00
  • Massachusetts: If 90% of gift card has been used or redeemed, store must give customer the option to choose cash back, or leave remaining amount on gift card.
  • Montana: If remaining balance is $5.00 or less, and original value was greater than $5.00
  • Rhode Island: If remaining balance is $1.00 or less
  • Washington: If remaining balance is $5.00 or less

Gift Card Shipping Policy

All gift card orders will be sent via the U.S. Postal Service free of charge with the exception of shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada which will be charged $7.95 for shipping. Express shipping is available for standard orders for $7.95– Michael’s web site

More Information

  1. Terms of Sale on the Michaels web site
  2. Michaels Return Policy

American Gift Card List

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