This is a fairly basic gift card offering with limited features; which is surprising given the stature of Ikea and the offerings of the competition. Only minimal information is available on the Ikea web site.

Quick Facts

Denominations Available

 Not specified

Where To Buy

 In Store or 1-800-434-4532





Where Usable

 In Store or 1-800-434-4532

Balance Check





 Not specified, see Return Policy

Bulk Orders




Can Register








Terms and Conditions

Gift Card

The IKEA Gift Card is easy to use as a pre-paid shopping card or gift certificate. It's especially handy for holiday gift giving, back-to-college shopping, wedding, and house warming gifts. You can purchase and redeem the card through IKEA Home Shopping at 1-800-434-4532 or at your local IKEA store.

How can I purchase or redeem IKEA Gift Cards?

IKEA Gift Cards are available for purchase at all of our US stores or by calling IKEA Direct at 1-800-434-IKEA (4532). IKEA Gift Cards purchased in the US are redeemable at all of our US stores and IKEA Direct.– Ikea web site

More Information

  1. Gift Cards on the Ikea web site
  2. Ikea Return Policy

American Gift Card List

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