Future Shop has a number of different gift card motifs. Free shipping is available.

Quick Facts

Denominations Available

 $25 - $500

Where To Buy

 In store or online





Where Usable

 In store and online

Balance Check





 No, see Return Policy

Bulk Orders




Can Register







 Not valid as payment on Future Shop credit card

Terms and Conditions

Gift Card Info

  • If payment includes use of a credit card, you may use up to two (2) gift cards at the same time.
  • You cannot use more than one credit card.
  • If payment is made with gift cards only, you may use up to three (3) gift cards.
  • Keep your redeemed gift cards until you receive your product(s).

Can I order a gift card online?

Yes. Gift cards are available online in $30, $50, $75, $100 and $200 amounts and you can use them online at or at all Future Shop stores across Canada. And shipping is free! Click here to order.

Visit your nearest Future Shop store to purchase gift cards in any denomination. Click here for our store locator.

Can I place multiple gift cards onto one gift card?

Yes. Simply bring your gift cards to any of our stores and a Customer Service associate will be happy to combine multiple your gift cards into one card. Combining gift cards is available in-store only and not online.

Can I return item(s) purchased with Gift Card(s)?

Online – Yes, you can. After making a purchase, keep your gift card until you receive the order and are sure you're satisfied with it. In the event you return an item purchased using a gift card, the amount being returned will be credited back to your gift card. Items purchased with gift cards are subject to our normal return policies.

In-store – Yes, you can. Simply bring your invoice when returning your items and the refund will be provided to a gift card which can be used for a future purchase in-store or online at Items purchased with gift cards are subject to our normal return policies.

Can I use a credit card as well as Gift Card(s) online?

Yes. If the gift cards being redeemed don't have sufficient funds, you can charge the balance to a credit card. Please note: You can only use one credit card per order. You can use two gift cards in addition to a credit card or up to three gift cards on a single order.

Can I pay off my Future Shop Credit Card with gift cards?

No, Future Shop Gift Cards are not an accepted form of payment for your Future Shop Card.

How do I redeem Gift Cards online?

It's simple:

1. Select the products you wish to purchase and add them to your Cart

2. Proceed through the checkout

3. During checkout, enter the gift card details in the gift card Payment section: enter the 15- or 16-digit gift card number and the 4-digit Security Code

After making a purchase, keep your gift cards until you receive the items and are sure you're satisfied with them.” – Future Shop web site

More Information

  1. Customer Support at the Future Shop web site
  2. Future Shop Company Information
  3. Future Shop Price Match Policy
  4. Future Shop Return Policy

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